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Our Pastor, Tyler Jones, has worked in ministry for years doing everything from youth pastoring to worship leading. For his day job, he works in software and his wife, Maria, is a manager of a retail store. About 3 years ago Maria shared the Gospel with one of her employees and she gave her life to Jesus. This new convert was very hungry for more of God – so they had a Bible study in our home for her and invited a couple of other people.

It was a powerful encounter with the Lord. They started having a Bible study every Saturday evening in their home. They began to invite others and the Bible study grew. Their home filled up. Every week, they’d eat together, discuss the Bible, pray, play games, and fellowship.

That was it. And God blessed it mightily. The Holy Spirit was there and the fellowship was life changing.

They eventually grew too big for their home, so Pastor Tyler reached out to a nearby pastor he knew from high school. The pastor offered to bring our group on board as his church’s Saturday night service, giving us the location and resources we needed to grow!

We met there every Saturday evening for 2 years. COVID hit us hard, but we kept going and God kept moving.

One day, the parent church approached us with an offer to launch us into our own church, if we could find a place to meet. Finding a place to rent on Sunday mornings is really really tough. But, God led us to Grand Prairie and all the new exciting construction happening. That’s where we found the Courtyard Marriott and they were miraculously available! So this great hotel is our current church home on Sunday Mornings.

Notice, nothing in this story involves any person making things happen or convincing people to do anything. God simply opened doors, made a way, and provided opportunities. All we’ve had to do is say yes.

Now we have a wonderful team, a great congregation who loves everyone, and everything we need. God has brought us here every step of the way. What is He going to do next?

If you’ve ever wondered how churches get started from someone’s home, that’s our story!


Meet the Pastors who lead The Garden Fellowship.

Tyler & Maria Jones

Lead Pastors

Tyler & Maria started The Garden Fellowship in their home and God has opened doors and provided ever since. A graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Tyler has worked in many areas of ministry including worship leading and youth pastoring. He currently works full-time as a software engineer. Maria has a strong heart for evangelism and enjoys managing an optical store in Uptown Dallas.

Randy Jones

Associate Pastor and Staff Evangelist

Evangelist Randy Jones is a seasoned and experienced minister of the Gospel, and has been a full-time evangelist, pastor, church planter, Core Professor and Dean at Christ For The Nations in Dallas, street evangelist, co-director of two Teen Challenge Ministries, board member of Pure Life Ministries in Kentucky, and a Christian Television Host. Most importantly - he is a husband and a father.  Randy was interviewed on the TBN Christian Television Network while preaching a 10-week revival at The Oaks Church in Dallas, Texas.)

Suzanne Weathers

Prayer and Worship Pastor

Suzanne Weathers has been an educator for over 10 years, working as an assistant principal and a principal. She has a BA in Sociology with a minor in Education and an M.Ed. with a specialization in Leadership in Urban Education. For the past 20 years, she has been involved in music and prayer ministries at churches in New York and Texas. She has an online Facebook ministry called Diary of A Worshiper. She lives in Cedar Hill, TX with her husband Michael. She has three beautiful girls, and a granddaughter. She enjoys writing singing, reading, and watching movies with her family.

Leah Weathers

Children's Ministries Director

Leah has always loved working with kids. She graduated in May 2021 from Navarro College with her A.S in Education and is currently in school at Texas Women’s University to get her B.S in Early Childhood Education to one day become a teacher. She works as a Teachers Aid at an Elementary school in Dallas. Leah has a beautiful daughter named Liberty. Growing up Leah has always been involved in church and worked in Children’s Ministry because children are her passion. She is so glad God lead her to The Garden to bring children close to Him and to understand his word.