Our Children's Ministry

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Our goal with Children’s ministry is not just that the kids hear bible stories, but that they understand them. That way, they’ll remember these stories for the rest of their lives.

If these kids go home and talk about the things they learned, their family and friends will want to know more too. That way children’s ministry can impact the whole family.

We want kids to experience the power and presence of God. It’s not enough to just hear the teaching, but when they see the gospel, and God’s power, lived in front of them, God goes from someone they hear about, to someone they know.

As our culture becomes more and more secular, kids need to be prepared for the things they face outside the church. They could be watching a video, or talking to a friend, and encounter attacks on their faith. 

We know what it’s like to come to church and need a place where your kids are safe and you know they’re experience God as well. That way you can focus on the message and worship you need as well.

At the garden, we try to make parents feel welcome as much as the kids. There are opportunities for ministry and the messages help clarify the Bible and show you how to walk closer to God. 

Any kids that come to The Garden will experience worship, Bible stories they can understand, opportunities to make new friends, and lots of people who love God. 

We want any parents out there to know it can be scary raising kids in this culture, but you’re not alone. We’re all in this together and we want to help you and your kids experience God personally.